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What are the steps in a personal injury lawsuit? When an accident or incident occurs, Scottsdale residents or their loved ones can suffer injury or even death. Immediately after an accident or incident, you are often overcome with emotion, making it difficult to determine what your next steps should be. While the next step should be finding out whether you are entitled to compensation for you or your family if the injury or death occurred due to the fault of another party, you are most likely focusing on recovering. You may even avoid thinking about it, not knowing that you may be entitled to compensation.

Maybe you do think you are entitled to compensation and start attempting to deal with the insurance companies on your own. Insurance companies are not your friend. Insurance companies do not want to give you what you are entitled to and will rarely pay the requested amount of damages. Insurance companies care about their bottom line. The statute of limitations for filing a claim can be as little as six months. This is why you need to immediately contact a Scottsdale personal injury attorney. While you or a loved one are still recovering from your horrific accident or incident, insurance companies are investigating everything about the accident or incident and you to dispute your claim. While the insurance companies start investigating you, you or your loved one are still recovering and now have to deal with the insurance company as well. Let Tait & Hall fight for you. Let Tait & Hall’s expert personal injury lawyers fight for you. Let Tait & Hall deal with the insurance company so you don’t have to. You should focus on healing. We will focus on winning.

While it is an emotional time when an accident or incident happens, you should call the lawyers at Tait & Hall immediately. Our team at Tait & Hall knows how to deal with insurance companies and, more importantly, knows how to help you gather all the necessary documents and facts regarding the details of your accident or incident. At Tait & Hall, we know that it is crucial to gather this information as quickly as possible because the scene of the accident or incident can change fast. The accident can be cleaned up. The surveillance footage can be erased. The hazardous or dangerous condition can be removed. The sooner you call Tait & Hall after an accident or incident, the more proactive we can be in fighting for you by taking photographs and collecting documents and evidence to combat the insurance companies when they attempt to dispute the facts.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Scottsdale, AZ

Our team at Tait & Hall is a full service personal injury law firm that is well versed in the various types of injuries that individuals suffer from accidents in Scottsdale, whether these accidents occur at the workplace or even at one of the many construction sites scattered throughout our growing city. At Tait & Hall, we can handle the following areas in Scottsdale, among others:

• wrongful death cases
• car accidents
• bicycle accidents
• premises liability
• product liability
• nursing home negligence
• dog bites
• at-work injuries

Wrongful Death Claims in Arizona

Our team at Tait & Hall is experienced and seasoned with wrongful death claims. We can fight for you and your family when your loved one tragically dies because of another party’s fault or negligence. We will meet with you and your family to evaluate your claim and determine whether a party or parties were at fault. If so, we will use our extensive experience to accurately evaluate your case to determine your possible recovery of damages and what resulted from your loved one’s death, including:

• Medical bills (including out-of-pocket and copay costs)
• Pain and suffering
• Lost wages
• Lost or decreased potential for future earnings
• Rehabilitation and medication
• Punitive damages

How do you calculate pain and suffering? You and your family are dealing with enough and it is very hard to accurately determine what damages you are entitled to. At Tait & Hall, our experience with these types of cases is vital for making the best strategy possible to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Negotiating Your Compensation & Insurance Companies

While insurance companies may not be your enemy, they are certainly not your friend. Insurance companies have their own agendas, which include not paying you the compensation that you are entitled to. Insurance companies will act like your friend in order to obtain information that can be used against you, whether its an e-mail or a recorded statement. Insurance companies have claims adjusters and retain attorneys solely to avoid paying you what you are entitled to or to pay you as little as possible to protect their bottom line. You are not alone.

At Tait & Hall, we will protect your interests and fight for you. The insurance company has an attorney, why not you? Our team at Tait & Hall will fight for you. We help clients collect compensation for their injuries. Why not you? Before speaking with any insurance company, it is important that you contact our team at Tait & Hall so we can help get you the compensation that you deserve.

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