Ryan S. Tait

Ryan S. Tait, Esq.


Ryan Tait is founding partner of Tait & Hall and the firm’s chief litigator.  As a persuasive and effective former prosecutor, Ryan successfully captures the attention and respect of anyone who interacts with him. Equipped with trial skills that earned him recognition in each bureau assignment at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, Ryan is someone you want on your side.  During his tenure as a prosecutor, Ryan took more cases to trial and boasted a higher success rate than any other attorney in his bureau.

Fighting for those accused of crimes is not just a job for Ryan. As a child, Ryan was taunted and bullied by an older, bigger classmate and has never forgotten the feeling of powerlessness that resulted. He was reminded of that feeling when, as a freshman in college, he had a bill go to collections due to a bank error.  Unwilling to admit its mistake, the bank forced Ryan to pay a fee or fight its attorney in court and risk paying thousands in attorney’s fees if he lost. Neither option was palatable for a poor college student working part time just to make ends meet. Those experiences where Ryan felt helpless and pushed around were what convinced him to become an attorney – determined to never again be bullied simply because he didn’t understand his rights.

It was also Ryan’s disdain for bullies that led him to choose a career as a criminal prosecutor once he finished law school.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Ryan began to see that too often the bullies aren’t the accused, who usually have little power to contest the unfathomably large and powerful government. To his surprise and frustration, Ryan witnessed firsthand the ease with which real people accused of crimes fall prey to overly aggressive law enforcement officers, recklessly one-sided prosecutors, and a mob mentality in public opinion.

Seeing the startling frequency with which those who have the most power casually disregard the real impact their actions have on those with the least power led Ryan to leave his government job and move to private practice, where his empathic and determined approach has led to unrivaled success. Ryan thrives on winning the unwinnable case and defending and fighting for the underdog.

  • Moot Court at UCLA Law School
  • UCLA Entertainment Law Review Editor
  • Member of the UCLA Business Law Program
  • Co-founder of the UCLA Chapter of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society
  • Bar Admissions:
    • Arizona
    • U.S. District Court of Arizona
  • Brigham Young University
    • Bachelor’s Degree
  • UCLA School of Law
    • Juris Doctor

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