Deportation & Removal Defense

Deportation & Removal Defense

A non-citizen of the US can be removed, or deported, from the United States for a variety of reasons. Certain acts such as criminal convictions, instances of immigration fraud, letting your immigration status expire, being caught returning to the United States with a criminal record, or attempting to enter the United States with false documentation or without any documentation at all can all result in a non-citizen being served with a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court (“NTA”).

When a person appears in immigration court before an immigration judge, a record is created that will be used in determining ultimately whether the individual is deportable or allowed to remain in the United States.

It is highly recommended that you appear with an experienced immigration attorney in court, or consult with an immigration lawyer prior to going to court. The consequences of appearing in immigration court alone, unprepared, or even with the wrong lawyer, could be devastating.

The immigration attorneys at Tait & Hall, have successfully defended hundreds of deportation cases in immigration court, often times resulting in lawful residency status for its clients. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone go from deportable to becoming a lawful resident of the United States. Not every person charged with deportation is able to win and become a resident, since every case is different and often times the chance of success depends on the criminal and immigration record of the person being charged.

However, an experienced and aggressive deportation defense attorney can advise you or your family on the charges being brought against you and the likelihood of success in court, before ever appearing before an Immigration Judge. We provide a free initial consultation to review the nature of the case and advise on the potential outcomes. If you or someone you love is facing deportation from the United States and has to appear in immigration court, contact one of the experienced deportation defense attorneys at Tait & Hall Offices today.

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