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The city of Gilbert takes DUIs very seriously, judges have mandatory DUI penalties, which include jail, counseling, fines and fees, revocation of your driving privileges, and placement of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle that you are responsible for paying. Gilbert judges also have discretion during sentencing where they can have you participate in a MADD program and community service, and even place you on probation.

Why You Need A Gilbert DUI Attorney

Tait & Hall is a full-service law firm consisting of a team of experienced and well-seasoned attorneys who will aggressively fight to dismiss your Gilbert DUI charges. If unrepresented, seeking dismissal or reduction of your charges is difficult and quite improbable. Our team’s goal is to seek dismissal of your case, which is precisely why our team will zealously represent your interests.

Our team often represents clients who have been charged with a DUI in Gilbert. Not only does our team have extensive litigation experience, but we also possess the requisite skills, knowledge, and training necessary to provide you with the best defense possible.

We will scrutinize all of the alleged evidence against you, ensure that your constitutional rights remain protected, and use all of our resources to effectively defend your interests by providing the appropriate defenses for your DUI charges in Gilbert. At Tait & Hall, our team will pounce on any mishandlings by the officers involved in your case or the prosecuting attorneys and ascertain whether your constitutional rights have been violated. We will protect your interests by aggressively combating these mishandlings and taking the appropriate steps if we believe that your constitutional rights have been violated.

Importantly, we will do what is necessary to fight for you. Our team will focus on challenging, minimizing, and/or suppressing any alleged evidence against you in order to obtain the best outcome possible, whether it be a reduction or even dismissal of your DUI charges in Gilbert.

Misdemeanor DUIs are usually prosecuted at Gilbert Municipal Court, which is located at:
55 E Civic Center Drive, Suite 101
Gilbert, AZ 85296

Take these DUI charges in Gilbert against you seriously. You will need an attorney to raise a proper defense and protect your interests. You need Tait & Hall. Our team is full of proven and experienced Gilbert attorneys that will defend your DUI charges in Gilbert where our main goal will be to fight to get your case dismissed or reduce the charges against you.


While there is uniformity among the laws in Arizona with respect to DUI charges, Gilbert prosecutors and judges have discretion. Prosecutors have discretion in what charges are asserted against you and what plea bargains they can offer. Judges have discretion in accepting or rejecting plea bargains and increasing penalties or certain terms contained in a plea bargain. As such, Gilbert is tough on DUIs and seeks to increase punishment for these crimes. As such, it is important to have proper representation. It is important for you to contact Tait & Hall so that we can provide you with the best defense possible.

Charged With An Arizona Drug DUI?

Drug DUIs have two types which are being impaired to the slightest degree by a drug and having a controlled drug or metabolite in your system. As such, DUIs are also associated with illegal drugs like marijuana or even a legal drug with a valid prescription. Gilbert police officers frequently charge people with these types of DUIs, and, in those cases, a blood or urine sample is taken from you and tested.

Penalties associated with these types of DUIs are just as severe as a DUI involving alcohol and include jail, counseling, fines and fees, revocation of your driving privileges, and placement of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle that you are responsible for paying. Our team at Tait & Hall will represent your interests in these cases by utilizing our extensive litigation experience, skills and training.

The lawyers at Tait & Hall have a record of unsurpassed legal victories

I was accused of a super-extreme DUI in Tempe. I was told by every lawyer that the best result I could hope for was having the charge reduced to a regular DUI. A.J. spent months getting every piece of evidence for my case, and in the end was able to convince the state that they would lose a trial and had the charges completely dismissed. The result was incredible in itself, but throughout the process, which was six months, A.J. was a complete professional. He answered all my questions and made me confident that my case was being handled well, which was proven when the case was dismissed. I can’t recommend A.J. enough. – A Satisfied Client


Our team has significant experience in mounting the appropriate defenses with respect to toxicology results, blood or urine evidence and any other issues that might arise in defending these types of cases. We will fight to dismiss these DUI charges against you. Our team is well-seasoned and proven when it comes to defending you our main goal will be to dismiss these charges.

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